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Loving Couple And SunsetThe book is available now!  You will receive a personally autographed copy of the book by mail in a few short days.  As an added bonus, when you buy now, you get a FREE one hour consultation with me as a bonus for placing your order!

bookThumbnailIf you want a personalized copy for yourself, I will autograph it for you.  If you want to give a personalized copy as a gift, leave me a comment during checkout telling me who the book is for and any special requests you have for the inscription.

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  1. Shannon T Davis says:

    Want two autographed copies.. one for me.. and one to keep for “give away” so that when I see someone and my heart says “give them that book!” I can still keep one for me :) Write whatever’s in your heart for mine brother :) and your favorite phrase in the book for the giveaway copy. So how much are they and how do I pay?
    Nay Nay

    • MarcusAmbrester says:

      Physical copies will not be ready until July. I will begin selling pre-ordered copies to the public in the next week, it will be easy to pay right here on the site. I will send you a paypal request and get you taken care of right now. As soon as the books are printed, I will get them out to you. I am offering a bonus for people who pre-order is a .pdf of the first four chapters for you to chew on until the hard copies are printed. I will get your bonus to you, right away! Thanks for the orders! Much Love to you and yours!

  2. Dale Fennell says:

    Love you brother! See you in the Arbor!

  3. Kristin Fecteau says:

    I didn’t know you were working on a book, how cool is that?! I just placed my order!

  4. denise land-butler says:

    Hi Marcus!
    Just ordered your book… very happy for you!
    Hope to see you soon….

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  6. Jo Fisher says:

    I want it for my Daughter, Teresa. Her husband has become a rageoholic. Can we communicate by email ? I also want a copy. I will a answer your email right away.

    • MarcusAmbrester says:

      Thanks for the interest in my book. When someone orders an autographed copy (or two), I take a few minutes and get quiet and inscribe the inside cover with whatever guidance I get specifically for that person.

      You will love the book. It may be a really hard read for your daughter if she is in an abusive relationship. It may not resonate with her now, it may just plant the seeds of healing and she will see the benefits in the future. I have had several women and a few men who are married to abusive spouses who have written to let me know how much the book has benefitted them in the midst of their turmoil. Either way, we will offer up loving prayers for her on this end.



  7. Kristy Lynne & Leon Falks says:

    Marcus, our official groove getter backer!

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