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“How to Become a Free-Flowing Well of Love”
The love of God is the most powerful force in the universe. It’s what feeds and nurtures our soul, delights us, sparks all our creativity, and heals us. What scares most people about love is that we are also made emotionally vulnerable to our buried hurts in its presence (Bright Lights Cast Dark Shadows). Awesome relationships are essentially the love of God flowing through two hearts that are unhampered by unhealed hurts. Part of making this happen is learning and developing the emotional and relationship skills necessary to be able to consistently enjoy that love and connection.

Love can happen in an instant and it does not require your partner to be present. In fact, it is vital that you be able to feel love whether you are in the presence of your partner or not. Try this practice:

Close your eyes and imagine your partner in front of you. (Imagine an ideal partner if you are not currently in a relationship.) Concentrate on an image of your partner that excites you. Feel how you feel when you see him or her in your mind. The key is for you to feel the feelings, because this practice doesn’t work if you do not feel the feelings. Each time you inhale, imagine your feelings of love filling your lungs. (If you feel like you are just making it up in your imagination, you are doing it right! That’s how it works.) With each exhale, imagine blowing your love onto your beloved like a cloud that will wrap your partner up and begin to sink into his or her entire being. With each breath, feel your love a little more, and blow that love onto your beloved.

Now with each inhale, imagine the love of God coming down through the top of your head, flowing into your lungs, and mixing there with the love you have for your beloved. As you exhale, blow this breath of love onto your beloved. Continue to hold in your mind that image of your partner that delights you, and let yourself appreciate all of who he or she is. Blow a breath of appreciation all over this person. In your imagination, say, Thank you for being here. Thank you for being in my life. Don’t stop with one breath of gratitude. Continue to feel your love and appreciation through many breaths. Continue to blow your love onto your beloved until you can’t stand not being with him or her.

Now that you’ve read the instructions, close your eyes and actually do the practice. No, really—do the practice now!

Your body and soul don’t know the difference between what you imagine and what is happening in the physical world. When you do this practice, your body chemistry and your emotional chemistry change in an instant! You feel love! Isn’t that what you wanted in the first place, to feel love? Now you can. You just did!

It may not make a difference to the person you were imagining, but it will make a difference in YOU! You will feel different! Each moment that you feel love, you are different from the way you were before. Because you are a part of this world, your feeling different makes the world a better place. When you do this practice and you are feeling love, you are the embodiment of love and the embodiment of God’s love in this world.
Do this visualization three times a day for the next two weeks, and see the difference it makes in you and in how you respond to your beloved. Then start doing this practice 20 times day, and watch your heart explode with love. You will see people notice your heart like never before. Continuously bring yourself back to this place of feeling love until you recognize it as your natural state. Practice feeling love every day, as much as you can, until it feels normal to feel love and you feel let down when you stop feeling love.

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Right now, do the practice again, and this time let yourself feel the love even more intensely than you did the first time through. Were you able to feel love again, or did you use up all the love the first time? If you are doing the practice right, you will feel it again the second time through, the third time through, and every time you do it. God’s love is abundant; it doesn’t run out.

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