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I was born in Texas, grew up in Tenneessee, and still live in Nashville with mybookThumbnail two incredibly funny and bright kids, two dogs, a cat, and two horses.  I have a private practice in Nashville where I help couples who love each other very much to learn to treat each other lovingly.

I wrote this book to do my part to make the world a better place.  The deeper I searched into my own heart, in order to heal my own wounds and make my own life as awesome as I wanted it to be, I found a few lessons that I have been able to share.  I have been blessed to be able to rub elbows with some true Masters in all sorts of fields and learned all I could from them and now I have integrated all those teachings into one simple theory that you can use to let go of the angst that doesn’t serve you and will allow you to be the person and have the love that you have always dreamed of!  I am excited to share this book with you.  You can buy it on Amazon, or get a personally inscribed, autographed copy.  Either way, I wish you the best and I hope this book serves you on your journey!

Teaching how to consciously create intimacy on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels, Marcus Ambrester’s self-help relationship guide is a collection of the most important perspectives and emotional/communication skills you need to improve your romantic relationships. It empowers you to change the way you communicate—providing the “what works” and “why” of it all—so you can eliminate detrimental interactions and achieve the emotional closeness you desire. By explaining why you might be making choices that actually perpetuate hurtful, self-defeating behavior, it deepens your self-awareness and broadens your emotional resiliency. Most importantly, you will have the tools to change your life for the better, without being told who you have to be or that you have to be something you are not.

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