Pillars of Awesome Relationships

Pillars of Awesome Relationships:  How To Love Your Man When You Are Ready To Kill Him

Are you ready for more closeness, more intimacy, and fewer headaches.  Do you constantly find yourself in a fight with your spouse and wonder, “How did we get here again?”

couple walking in surfThere are a thousand times a day we all make decisions that either get us closer to each other emotionally, put more distance between us, or maintain the status quo.  By practicing the Four Pillars of Awesome Relationships and learning this new radical relationship technology, you will learn how to cultivate more emotional intimacy than you have ever had in your life.  The by product of this process is to become who you were really meant to be in the world and further yourself on your spiritual path.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and so often, the area when we get bookThumbnailfarthest away from our truest Spiritual nature is when we get triggered in relationships. Every day we make a thousand choices that directly affect our emotional relationships with ourselves as well as others. These choices help us get closer, maintain the status quo, or even move further away from someone else emotionally. Oftentimes these are unconscious choices fueled by our emotional state and hurts that are buried deep inside. But wouldn’t it be great if those choices fit with your Highest Self and supported you in walking your greatest path in life?

Teaching how to consciously create intimacy on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels, this self-help relationship guide is a collection of the most important perspectives and emotional/communication skills you need to improve your romantic relationships. It empowers you to change the way you communicate—providing the “what works” and “why” of it all—so you can eliminate detrimental interactions and achieve the emotional closeness you desire. By explaining why you might be making choices that actually perpetuate hurtful, self-defeating behavior, it deepens your self-awareness and broadens your emotional resiliency. Most importantly, you will have the tools to change your life for the better, without being told who you have to be or that you have to be something you are not.

Deepen all of your relationships through greater authenticity and clarity with my debut guidebook. As exciting as it is enlightening, its personable approach and practical advice transform an intimidating process into a fulfilling and inspiring journey. Delivering the tools you need to discover who you truly are and how to share that person with someone else, Pillars of Awesome Relationships: How to Love Your Man When You Are Ready to Kill Him will put you on the path to more exciting and fulfilling relationships—today!

7 Responses to Pillars of Awesome Relationships

  1. Brian Calkins says:


    I wanted to let you know how much you have taught me about myself. With your guidance I know more about myself and how much I did give. You showed me where I was wrong in how I expressed myself and how to see thru the other persons eyes

    Thank you for helping me be the man I knew I could be. My life is so much better today and I feel whole and extremely happy with where I am. You are an amazing person who can see issues and knows how to get to the key points and correct the issue.

    Thank you again. I look forward to the book !

  2. MarcusAmbrester says:

    Brian, It is an honor as always.


  3. I saw the show “News and More at Midday” on Wednesday at noon and purchased your book from your website…..you mentioned if the book was purchased while you were on the show you would give away a one hour free consultation… what do I need to do to be able to qualify for that…

    Deb Hensel

    • MarcusAmbrester says:

      Deborah, Thank you for your purchase! You are going to love the book! And I have a few free audio bonuses for you too!

      I emailed you about setting up our consultation.


  4. RDC says:

    MA, I heard you on the radio, an excellent interview and responses, and the burning question that came up for me was: what about the narcissistic abusers who objectify their partner and seek only to control, isolate and use her for themselves…often inducing trauma into the children who witness that abuse—–even though they claim to love their partner, it would seem they do not. Is relationship possible under such one-sided “giving” of the self?
    How do you address such relationships?

  5. MarcusAmbrester says:

    Hey Bob, Great question! The first place my minds goes is to bringing balance to the relationship. The relationship you describe is horribly out of balance. There are so many aspects of abusive relationships like this that need to be addressed and I can’t get to all of them here. One of the biggest lessons needed is about setting appropriate boundaries and enforcing those boundaries firmly and consistently. Learning to set and enforce boundaries is so scary for most people, it is one of the most common reasons people drop out of therapy. Most of us weren’t taught how to set boundaries, that it is OK to set boundaries, or how important it is to maintaining/creating a healthy relationship. Setting boundaries that will bring an abusive relationships into balance, may demand such a dramatic shift in the relationship dynamic that the relationship may not survive. Walking couples through situations like this and teaching them how to shift their behavior from reactive to taking responsibility for their own behavior is one of the toughest and best parts of the work that I do! When I see couples go from being frustrated to being genuinely loving with each other, it is a huge reward.

  6. MarcusAmbrester says:

    Hey Trevor, I have not recorded an audio version of the book yet. I am leading a 6-week webinar starting in September. I’d love to have you join us for that. http://pillarsofawesomerelationships.com/how-to-let-go-of-hurt-frustration-webinar/

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